Help Keep ARfm on air!


When we launched ARfm in November 2004, all the staff agreed to help the station survive, by working for no wage and by not charging expenses or expecting any payments in kind. This situation continues today, all of the presenters, both from the original ‘team‘ and our fantastic new presenters, do it for the love of the music, the thrill of getting new and classic rock music out to you.

It now costs us around £800 per month to stay on air and these costs are increasing all the time. Electricity prices have risen, Rent increases and other running costs; and of course Copyright payments and Internet bandwith!

Our copyright payments contunually rise by more than inflation!

If you want good rock on the radio we would ask you once again to help us keep it alive by making a small donation.

You can donate via PAYPAL via the above link. We are not asking for large sums, just £1 or even 50p would be wonderful. If you would prefer to send a cheque then please make one payable to ARfm and sent it to the following address:

ARfm, 151 Longmoor Road, Long Eaton, NG10 4EG, UK

No money will be wasted, nobody will benefit personally, we have no overheads aside from those that are essential to keeping ARfm on air.

Thank you for your interest in and support for ARfm.
Steve Price, Paul Chamberlain, Paul Baker, John Richards, Neil, Bruce Gall, Joe Dray, Allee Martell, Dominic Forbes, Mike Fisher, Shane Carlson.

December 2010