Starting an Internet Station?

Anyone can start up an Internet radio Station... right?

To a degree the above statement is correct. However, if you want to do it properly and professionally then we can help you. We can guide you through the mire of picking the right equipment, being LEGAL, and getting the right sound for your needs.

What can ARfm do for me?

The worst thing that can happen is you new station sounds like it's coming from your bedroom! Picking the right equipment is essential. Yes, you can use cheap gear but you'll end up sounding like an amateur so you need to ensure all the right things are in place.

We can help you source the right Hardware and Software, all at cost effective prices and help you on your way to becoming a name in radio. We'll help you with marketing and promotion.

ARfm can help you select the correct streaming service using either MP3, Wav, OGG, or other formats, plus any combinations. You do not need to pay the earth for such services and, for example our current service can offer you (up to) 128kbps MP3 stream with unlimited number of listeners from as little as 100 per month.

What's the LEGAL bit?

If you are based in the UK and you want to start an internet station you MUST have the legal right to do so. For this to happen you MUST be licenced by PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd), and PRS for Music (Performing Rights Society/MCPS).

As professionals who have been through this process we can help you by making sure you have the right licences and have the right record keeping processes in place to maintain those licences. We'll also show you how to keep audio logs of your shows in a cost effective manner.

if you broadcast without these licences, at best you will find yourself subject to a "cease and desist" order, at worst subject to a heavy fine and outrageous legal costs... and believe us when we tell you this figure will have lots of 0's after it!

All licences come with restrictions, such as the number of tracks you can play from one album in a 3 hour period. We will help you to recognise and keep to the restrictions placed on you.


ARfm can help you with your initial training. For a cost effective fee, you can come into our studios for a day learn the ropes. You can see how the station operates, you can learn how to use automation software, how to create ad breaks and so on.

You'll be shown how to 'prep' a show and where to get the resources you need to do so.

At the end of the day, you can record a show and take the finished creation away with you.

I need your help - what do I do next?

Call our production team on 01323 833094 to see what ARfm can do for you!