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Saturday  15.00 - 18.00
(Live at the weekend& repeated during the week)


Transfixed by Alice Cooper in 1972 with Roxy Music as the support act, what a start to live gigs. My nan really did think it was a little old lady, well that's what I told her anyway. Next stop Pink Floyd in 72' at Earls Court pre Dark Side Of The Moon and I was still just a nipper, so from that age I was hooked.

Got in to the rock radio scene via London pirate radio circa 1978 to 1984 but with a desire to invent the world's first flying coal bunker I was out. Sorry to say I never did get this idea off the ground. I worked in the electronics industry since 78' but started off in a solicitors office and left only because I didn't earn enough to buy new albums every week. Big mistake!

At last rock radio is sounding fresh again perhaps it's time to do
something more than just inventing. You can join me every Saturday from 3pm - 6pm. Don't be afraid to ask!


Email: John Richards

Classic Rock, Prog, New and more.


CD's, Demo's, etc can be sent in to:-

John Richards
151 Longmoor Road
Long Eaton
NG10 4EG
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